The Dream Controller App Seeks to let Users Influence Their Dreams

 - Mar 16, 2011
References: & shinyshiny
The far-fetched fictional technology of the blockbuster film Inception might still be well beyond the realm of possibility, but that hasn't stopped the creators of the newly released Dream Controller App from seeking to offer users the chance to play a role in shaping the course of their nightly dreams.

The basis of the Dream Controller App lies in a series of recording messages and sounds that people can queue up to be played while they are asleep. By carefully timing the playback of these noises messages, the apps creators argue that users could theoretically shape the course and the outcome of their dreams.

As of yet Dream Controller app comes default with a library of pre-recorded dream noises such as rainfall, an audience's applause and an airplane but more are being added continually. Without a doubt this is one phone app that is sure to generate equal amounts of skepticism and excitement.