Direct Fashion Sales

 - Apr 21, 2008
References: abcnews.go
A growing number of clothing labels are making "house calls". They new services are being refered to as direct fashion sales, and they're already turning into a booming business. Essentially, it lets anyone have a personal shopper.

Companies like Worth, Carlisle and Bill Blass "Sell their clothing exclusively through sales associates," ABC news says. "The associates receive sample collections about four times a year. They bring the collections into their homes (or showrooms) and invite their clients and friends to make an appointment to come by and try things on. More often than not, clients return season after season, year after year."

"Bringing the 'store' to the consumer is what's driving the surge in sales," ABC says before quoting Marshall Cohen, chief retail analyst at the NDP Group. "Direct to market sales are growing at triple the rate of online fashion sales. It's now a billion-dollar business." said Cohen.

Its a nice concept. Elitist? Yes because most of us don't have the money to pay a personal shopper to come to our house. But if you like the idea and you can afford it? Why not?