Dimosthenis Grivas Captures HD Video Sensationalism

 - Mar 10, 2011
References: dimosthenisgrivas.gr & youtube
Titled ‘You Never Know,’ this sensational video by Dimosthenis Grivas encapsulates the new era of video production, focusing on one of its key features -- light.

Dimosthenis Grivas' exceptional lighting technique creates breathtaking scenery for Katerina Missichroni, who is portrayed as a whimsical supermodel seductively modeling the Dukas Spring 2011 Collections. From shiny open-toe heels to cyan and badge stilettos, the collection is thoroughly enhanced by Dimosthenis Grivas' lighting and Katerina Missichroni's sexiness. I’m personally not a big shoe fan, but after seeing ‘You Never Know,’ I finally comprehend why so many females are addicted to shoes.

Dimosthenis Grivas handles image detail resolution, contrast range and color temperature with incredible accuracy, permitting this masterful work. Pictures taken from the Tassos Vrettos and Dukas Spring 2011 Collections express the video's visual art with splendor. I don't care what you love, but Dimosthenis Grivas ‘You Never Know’ video is an absolute must see!