Professor Dennis Hlynsky Creates Timelaspe-Like Videos of Flight Paths

 - Jan 25, 2014
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Dennis Hlynsky, a professor at Rhode Island School of Design, has created a collection of videos that track the flight plans of migrating birds in a unique albeit slightly disturbing way. At least, some of the formations captured look like a plague from God while others can be compared to more abstract art performances.

Using standard video camera and editing programs such as After Effects, Dennis Hlynsky has been able to convert his footage into timelapse-like renditions that will have anyone's jaw hitting the floor upon viewing the first few seconds. The birds create calligraphic loops and curves that provide a new perspective to this survival trait of theirs.

In addition to birds, Dennis Hlynsky has documented other animals including ducks, ants, roosters and insects as well as inanimate objects like snow.