The Definity Digital Bulbs at CES 2014 Will Help You Sleep and Wake Up

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: definitydigital & usatoday
The people at Life Science created a series of "biologically corrected" light bulbs called Definity Digital, which are designed to improve your mood at home.

The Definity Digital style of light bulbs are available in two different styles called 'Good Night' and 'Awake and Alert' that are meant to be placed in specific areas around your house in order to get the desired effect.

The names of the light bulbs are indicative of their purpose and how best to use them. For example, the Good Night bulb is best used as a bedside lamp and is meant to increase melatonin (which aids in sleeping) by emitting less of a blue light. The Awake and Alert bulb is meant as a bathroom light and helps to wake you as you shave and brush by emitting more blue light.