Artist Dean Shearn Recreats Beloveded 80s Icons With Lego Art

Dean Shearn shows us that there's nothing better than beloved 80s icons, except for when they're boldly designed as LEGO people.

Also known as 'Mungo Loves Candy', Dean Shearn unveiled his latest work of awesome art. Paying tribute to the late and great iconic characters of the 80s, like the infamous Beetlejuice and Blues Brothers, Shearn designed a collection of intricate illustrations that exhibit these characters in the form of LEGO. Dean Shearan grew up with these characters ruling his childhood and what child in the 80s could resist the fun LEGO possesses? Dean decided to bring his two childhood joys together and mold them into a beautiful masterpiece.

I love this collection and hope Dean keeps to his bright and bold designing. Perhaps we'll see 90s icons as LEGO next.