Take The Drama Out of Curly Hair

 - Jun 6, 2007
References: sodafine
Miss Jessie makes a rather interesting product for your hair. It's called Curly Pudding and it does something different for your curls than what you're thinking. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the hair business wants to pump-up or revive your limp curls. Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding does exactly the opposite. So now you can let down your bouffy-pouffy hair into nice long beautiful waves. Curly Pudding is like a punch in the face for overly-tight curly hair. This would have come in handy back in 1979 after my mother's attempt to Toni home perm my hair. Let's just say that after the perm, there were poodles walking around with looser curls than me and they were laughing at me, I swear. It's so painful to remember, it still brings a tear to my eye. Curse you Toni home perm and Curly Pudding, where were you when I needed you?