CSM Automatic Toilet System Applies a Fresh Protector Before Each Use

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: bluelarix & tuvie
Even the most regularly cleaned restrooms are approached by women with makeshift toilet paper rim protectors. The CSM Automatic Toilet System acknowledges this popular practice and provides a new ready-to-use seat cover for every person who enters the public bathroom stall.

Bluelarix Designworks conceived this contraption so that it can be installed with any existing toilet and is thus able to be implemented immediately to improve the comfort of customers in shopping centers, restaurants, offices and more. The pressing of the flusher after use will pull the used seat protector down the drain, after which the mechanism replaces it with a new paper-based overlay.

The operation of the CSM Automatic Toilet System is not explained in detail, but the implications of its application would lead to increasingly hygienic washrooms and much happier patrons.