El Boton- Mango Uses Andrej Pejic to Sell an Enticing Challenge

The Create Your Own Revolution campaign by el Botón-Mango invites emerging talents around the world to participate in an international fashion design competition and become real revolutionaries with a chance to change fashion's shapes, colors and trends.

The film by Eugenio Recuenco stars Andrej Pejic, a top model on the global fashion scene, sitting on a chair balanced on a pile of broken mannequins, ripped paper and other fashion-related things that are stacked like a pyramid. Due to Pejic’s vast popularity in the fashion world and his ambiguous modeling style makes him a perfect fit to sell the challenge. The campaign registration period started February 15, 2011, and designers will have until the July 31, 2011, to enter the competition.

If you’re an emerging and talented fashion designer, you’ll definitely want to be part of this campaign. For more information visit Mango Fashion Awards 4th Edition.