Convenient Pail is Compact for Transport and Equipped for Easy Carrying

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: & tuvie
It's been decades with the same poor design of water cooler tanks that manufacturers, retailers and consumers have been putting up with despite the nuisances of using them. The Convenient Pail meets the same criteria of capacity as its inadequate earlier counterparts but has been greatly improved in terms of its ease in handling.

First of all, the protruding bunghole of the big blue translucent container has been replaced with an inset opening. This feature makes it more compact for transportation and allows it to be stacked vertically end-on-end. This would improve the efficiency of shipping and storing the receptacles commercially and domestically.

Secondly, designers Ma Xin, Yuan Siyuan, Wu Jiang, Liu Chenming and Wang Xi included a handle on the base of the Convenient Pail so that it can be lifted with one hand and not hugged awkwardly with two arms.