Clipchat Gives You a Sneak Peak of What You're About to Open

 - May 28, 2013
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Opening a Snapchat can be startling, which is why Clipchat gives you a pixelated preview of what you're being sent. Clipchat states it is the "most secure way to share and discover slices of life" -- the pixelation effect enforces the safety of exchanged content, while providing an exciting teaser to what you're about to open.

Like Snapchat, the photos or videos being sent and received on Clipchat have a life span of 5 seconds. What's different is that Clipchat allows you to follow people like celebrities. It has its own feed, where you can see what messages have been shared recently.

On the feed, usernames are accompanied by pixelated thumbnails of their most recently sent message. These can never be enlarged or un-pixelated. They add some color to the platform, while giving a little more publicity and less privacy on the content of the messages than Snapchat.