Christopher Walken Reads ‘Where the Wild Things Are'

 - Jan 26, 2012
References: youtube & nylonguysmagazine.tumblr
Christopher Walken reads beloved book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.

Christopher Walken delivers the narration of Max moving through monster land with all the awkward emphasis that’s known and loved. As the book is mostly pictures, Walken finds himself having to improvise the plot throughout the majority of the book. As the story begins, Walken contemplatively considers each picture. In one image, as Max is wilding out in his home, Walken comments on the background plot. He notices a teddy hung up on Max’s room, "There’s a bear strung up. I’m assuming murder. Maybe…suicide…I dunno. He’s got a stool…anyway." Walken whisks through the rest of the story, soaking it with his wry sense of humor. He names the beasts with such gems as ‘Smiley McDuckfeet,’ ‘Devil Bignose’ and ‘Ernie.’

Lessons learned from Walken: Max is a jerk; flowers should not have bug ears; the Teddy may or may not have offed himself; don’t put trees in the water. Important life lessons!