Courtney Scharf Preps Viewers for the Hunger Games Catching Fire Release

 - Apr 23, 2013
As the second part of the dystopian Blockbuster trilogy known as the Hunger Games quickly approaches, Trend Hunter takes a look at some of the awesome artwork and tribute pieces that are being made in anticipation of the Catching Fire release.

Those who are intense fans of any type of entertainment know that the ways you can show your devotion for your favorite production are nearly limitless, and this list will certainly attest to that. Courtney Scharf collects these productions that sees fans mixing creativity with fashionable style in order to make these terrific tributes.

From darling dsytopian manicure instructions to viral Honest Trailer parodies that mock the ridiculous moments of the first film’s plot, these tributes are a great way to usher in the Catching Fire release.