These Camouflaged Fences Give an Excellent Alternative

 - Mar 10, 2014
References: alysonshotz & neatorama
The camouflaged fences are perfect for the person who's tired of the old cliche of having a home with white picket fences. The fences perfectly mimic their surroundings, making it difficult to see from far away, but make it breathtaking up close.

Not all houses are made equal and as such, not all fences should be made the same either. These camouflaged fences are made by Alyson Shotz and come in a variety of styles, in fact the styles are completely based on the area it's being placed because it's reflective.

The fences tread a very thin line as they blend perfectly into their surroundings, but are distinct enough to show their style and design when eyes are focused on them. These fences are perfect for protecting your house because criminals and animals won't even know they're walking into your camouflaged defenses.