The Cactus Handbag by Doseth Will Have You Staring in Curiosity

 - May 26, 2013
References: etsy
The Cactus Handbag by Doseth is a seriously unconventional way to hold your daily essentials. It is unconventional because it resembles a creature one might see on a far-away planet or a sci-fi thriller like Alien or Star Trek. After taking a glance at this abstract purse, it will be hard to pull your eyes away from it. However, it would not be so bold to suggest that this handbag has been constructed with a primary purpose of capturing and holding attention.

While these purses appears to be made from felt, they are actually constructed from 100 percent merino wool. The most eye-catching aspect of the cactus handbag by Doseth, if it is not already clear, are the strange tentacle-like protrusions and stems that were created by multi-form technique. These plant-inspired purses are likely to be a hit with eccentric fashion-lovers, Lady Gaga fans and probably Lady Gaga herself.