This Buy Me Brunch Tee Vouches for Your Friendliness

 - Jun 3, 2014
References: buymebrunch & shop.nylonmag
This Buy Me Brunch tee lets people know that you are one "Friendly Mother F*cker."

In case your niceness is ever up for debate, this hilariously profane t-shirt will settle all the naysayers. You might have a potty mouth, but that sure as hell doesn't make you any less friendly. You'll make conversation with strangers, hand out compliments like candy and give spare change to the homeless -- beyond your obscene vocabulary, you are definitely someone to bring home to the parents. (Of course, I would advise against actually wearing this shirt when you are meeting the parents for the first time. I would suggest showing them how friendly you can be cuss-free before throwing this one on.)

Though aggressive in its delivery, the Friendly Mother F*cker tee by Buy Me Brunch affirms your neighborly tendencies.