Mailcard Offers a New Way to Keep Your Contact Information Private

 - Sep 28, 2014
Privacy-protecting services like disposable e-mail accounts have been around for some time, however most services are not really handy when you need a "disposable" address on the go.

Mailcard is now trying to fill this gap, offering "business cards" with anonymous e-mail addresses on them. Whether meeting someone in a club or leaving your contact details in a shop -- mailcard is a handy way to keep your contact details private.

Receiving e-mail sent to a mailcard is simple: you can either have it forwarded to your existing e-mail address or let mailcard set up your own separate mailbox.

All mailcards have an expiration date printed on them, after which the e-mail accounts listed on them are deleted. When ordering the standard package, you receive 50 addresses on 50 physical mailcards, worldwide shipping included plus digital templates so you can printout additional cards yourself.