Fleet Object's Handcrafted Jewelry Emphasizes Elegant Beauty, Not Cost

 - May 13, 2013
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The great thing about Vancouver-based jewelry company Fleet Objects is that it is creations like its handwoven braided rings that are stylishly changing the face of consumer practices.

Jewelry, and rings in particular, are objects that consumers tend to buy with a purpose. Whether they're keepsakes, objects of affection or just pretty finger worn pieces, rings are important to many people for many different reasons.

However, the underlining importance of items like rings should be their sentimental value and this fact tends to get lost amongst the extravagant price tags usually attached to them.

Awesome designs like Fleet Objects' handwoven braided rings are cost-effective ways to show someone you care about them, not how much money you spend on them. Available in eight different leather colors with your choice of silver or gold accent, these are timeless pieces fit for anyone.