Bloom by Enrico Azzimonti Changes the Shape of Cooking

 - Feb 14, 2012
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It would be great to bake a cake or fry up an omelet in the lovely undulating Bloom by Enrico Azzimonti. The pair of saucepans is designed to be used separately or together as a pot and a lid, in any orientation you like.

They serve up a little versatility so that you can carry out a recipe for stew, and even turn the deeper dish upside down as a cover for cooking poultry. I imagine two of the large casserole pots might even fit together to create a tall heating chamber. The whimsical wavy perimeters and edges make it easy to join two pieces, any which way, like halves of an eggshell.

Besides formal flexibility, Bloom by Enrico Azzimonti is also safe for use in ovens, on stovetops and in the microwave.