The blink(1) by ThingM USB Alerts of Important Occurrences

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: thingm & kickstarter
The blink(1) by ThingM is a USB device that notifies you of important activities on your computer. It is equipped with multi-colored LED lighting, which you can set to blink for different occurrences. For example, say you wish to be notified anytime someone mentions you on Twitter, you can program the USB to blink in blue. Or, if you are anxiously waiting for an important email on Gmail, you can set the light to blink in red. Instead of constantly checking your computer, you can wait to be notified instead.

The device also has its perks for when you are on the go. It can monitor network speeds when you are out or at a cafe, and it can even notify your co-workers when you are too busy to be bothered. The blink(1) by ThingM is an interesting concept.