The 'BJ by Jules Kim' Bijules Collection is Lavish

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: bijulesnyc & nylonmag
The 'BJ by Kim Jules' Bijules collection puts a spin on gold-encrusted nail design. While many women have opted for speckled or diamond-theme manicures, few have embraced the nail ring concept, if not for its sheer lack of availability. This line, however, brings the chic piece to the fore, offering a practical squeeze-to-fit shimmering style that will surely catch the attention of onlookers.

Variations of the BJ line include black amethyst and cubic zirconium makeups, meaning that the Bijules price tags accommodate multiple spending brackets. Now based in NYC, the distinctive Kim Jules products have been heralded by celebrities like Beyonce, who in the past wore a diamond set during her production of the 'Sweet Dreams' music video. And, while this choice may be out of reach for many, the framework will certainly be emulated by fans and jewelry enthusiasts alike.