Birgitta Salim Designs a Two-in-One Cuff

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: colourlessdesign & designbuzz
Birgitta Salim designs a sleek, convenient and safe watch that doubles as a phone.It is rare for someone not to have a cellphone because they have almost become a staple in our society. And as far as technology as allowed us, the phone has been developed and we are always looking for technology that will allows us to have quality but in a smaller more compact way.

Right now there is a limited market for children and phones, but safety is always a concern for families living in a city. The Kokoro wearable cellphone designed by Birgitta Salim comes up with a design that is fun, kid-friendly and functional to get hold of the little loved ones in your life. The watch also has an emergency alarm feature that can be rotated so that one push a button will call the local authorities and emergency contacts. The Kokoro watch also comes with a camera so that parents can check on their kids and see for their own eyes how they are doing.

The designer is also working on creating a software to accompany the watch that checks on the child's health through monitors. The software will email information through email to the parent and keep them updated so that any parent can stay connected with their child anytime and anywhere.