The Compilation Documents Tom Haverford's Best Business Ideas

 - Aug 1, 2014
References: & buzzfeed
This hilarious supercut compiled by AskMen is an ode to all of Tom Haverford's best business ideas. Played by comedian and actor Aziz Ansari on the hit NBC show Parks and Recreation, Tom Haverford has many quirks, one of which is his incredible investment ideas and entrepreneurial ventures. While some come to fruition on the TV show, others are merely mentioned.

From inspiring and ingenious concepts like the Whine & Cheese club (where the Parks and Rec department complain about work things over fine wines and cheese) to the questionable gourmet alcoholic yogurt called Yogurt Platinum, every one of Tom's best business ideas are included. The supercut also shows Rent A Swag and Entertainment 7/20, which served as plot points on the program.