This Bent Sewing Needle Has Been Distorted to Facilitate Easy Handling

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: yankodesign
Never mind the trickiness of threading the needle, this bent sewing needle addresses the preliminary problem of picking the thing up. While the vast majority of stitching implements are manufactured perfectly straight, this one has been designed to take a crook that makes it easier to grasp.

Shih Ting Huang and Huang-Yu Chen envision their 20° Needle with precisely that pitch to the eye. When this bent sewing needle is lying flat on the table, a simple roll with one's fingertip will cause the end to perk up. From here, the other hand can access the elevated head between the thumb and index finger, making the process of mending a whole lot less fiddly right from the start. This simple adjustment makes an age-old practice a little more efficient.