Bebird 2.0 is the Second Generation Ear Pick Set with an Endoscope

 - Jul 10, 2019
References: kickstarter
The Bebird 2.0 safely lets users clean their ear canals using an endoscope as a cotton swab alternative. Many of us have heard about the dangers of using cotton swabs to clean our ears such as hearing loss, nerve damage, or clogging -- however, the new HD visual digital wireless ear-pick kit is a safe, high tech solution.

The Bebird 2.0 is the second generation of ear picks by the Hong Kong-based company, which gives users a real-time camera to see the depth they are reaching as well as the location of hidden ear wax. The user-friendly device has LED eye protection with a highly focused lens. The endoscope lens is dustproof and anti-fog technology, so users can have a clear view of their ear canals. This specially designed product will ensure users do not dig deeper than they should and is suitable for elders and children.