'Be Unreasonable With Me' is the Institute's Unofficial Tune

'Be Unreasonable With Me' is the organization's "unofficial" theme song, which was performed live in Spain, according to thei rblog. The Unreasonable Institute, even if you judge it by its name, does what lots of people deem "crazy" or perhaps even "unacceptable" or worse (?), "off brand" with social entrepreneurship at large. However, this is what makes them and the entrepreneurs that they support as successful as they are.

"Two of the Semester at Sea students, Conor Ryan and Michael Davis, were inspired by the Unreasonable presence on the ship and wrote this song," they wrote on their blog about 'Be Unreasonable With Me.' "We were blown away and when we docked in Barcelone for our culminating event, Conor and Michael took center stage and received a standing ovation for their performance."