Bath Safeguard

 - Aug 5, 2008
References: yankodesign
Trend Hunter has previously introduced you to LED showers that indicate water temperature with colors. Some people prefer a luxurious bath soak to showers, however, but we can't let them burn their hand trying to see if the water is hot enough, can we?

The Bath Safeguard by Kai Chen is a cool bath plug that measures the temperature of the water and reflects it by emitting a colored glow. A cool blue indicates that the temperature is below 91F, which is uncomfortably cold. As it gets warmer, the light becomes green (91-102 F), and you can take the dive. Red means the temperature is above 102 F, so you have to be careful!

The Bath Safeguard is made from waterproof silicon. It comes with a magnetic induction recharger base that charges it while not in use.