'La Suite' by Bastian Jung Showcases Defiant Youths & Dark Styles

'La Suite' by Bastian Jung is steamy collection of darkly personified rebellion.

Shot in Berlin for Superior magazine, 'La Suite' is a mischievous-ridden series. Models Jan Zühlke, Nicolai Lübbers and Leander Kirschner evoke a darkly rebellious group of teens. Seemingly plotting against the world, the models are beautifully directed.

Photographer Bastian Jung masterfully composed the series to develop a whimsical narrative and gorgeous aesthetic. At only 18 years old, the German photographer has developed an international career. Working in fashion, beauty and advertising, the young artist has a long and promising career ahead of himself. With great passion, Jung is ready to take on the professional world of photography. His 'La Suite' series is visual proof that he's ready to take the world by storm.