The Balance MCC is Designed to Quickly and Safely Change the Temperature

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: & yankodesign
Starving students looking for a way to stay warm during the winter are going to flip when they see Gregory Mitchell's Balance MCC. The Balance MCC (Micro-Climate Controller) is a personal heater/AC designed to quickly and safely cool down your immediate area.

Many people own air conditioners but don't have the money required to run them for long periods of time. Space heaters provide warmth in a pinch, but can be dangerous and cause a sizable percentage of home fires. The Balance MCC uses the Peltier effect, creating heat by moving electricity through a junction made up of two different metals, to warm up or cool down a room. The device has also been designed to be kid-safe for children three years old and up. Mitchell's design is an entrant into the 2011 James Dyson Award and can be seen in all its glory here.