This DIY Bag Tutorial Teaches You How to Turn Your Feline Friend into a Tote

 - Aug 26, 2014
References: instructables & instructables
If you love your feline friend ever so much why not turn their adorable face into a cute custom purse with this DIY bag tutorial put together by Instructables user Push_Reset.

To make this cute cat purse begin by taking a close-up picture of your kitty friend. If you can take it against a blank background it'll make it easier for you to isolate the face. Then open the image up on Photoshop and adjust the contrast, brightness and sharpness to your liking. Then section off the face and the ears into separate pieces and print them off in color onto fabric. Follow the shape of the cat's face and ears and following the sewing pattern provided by Push-Reset. The finish product should leave you with a zip up tote in the shape of a kitty cat's head.