Avis Now Providing Wi-Fi

 - May 21, 2007
References: autonetmobile
Surf porn while you drive! Get to the next level of WOW. Not exactly what Avis had in mind by making Wi-fi available in their rentals, but you know it's going to happen. "But officer, take a look at him/her." "The first Avis Connect units will be available starting today at San Francisco International Airport and will be offered in the coming weeks at Avis airport locations in San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles and Newark, followed in the third quarter at airport locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Diego and Seattle. The cost of the Avis Connect service is $10.95 per day." Avis customers that utilize Avis Connect service do not need cellular data cards or special software loads to connect to wireless Internet devices. Avis Connect is compatible with all Wi-Fi enabled devices, including laptops, Ultra-Mobile PC handhelds and PDAs.