Audiostamp is a Smart and Time-Saving Audio Recording App

 - May 23, 2013
References: kickstarter & kickstarter
As its name suggests, Audiostamp is an audio recording app for mobile devices that allows you to "stamp" mark the important sections of a long recording. This is ideal for University students; re-listening to an entire three-hour lecture recording can be tedious and unnecessary. With Audiostamp, students can pinpoint what they think is useful of a three-hour lecture at the time of recording by hitting the "stamp" button.

Stamp marks show up as colorful ticks on a visual timeline of the recording. You can tap on a stamp to listen to the specific parts that you've highlighted. Hit "Next Stamp" to skip to the next clipping. There's no need to remember time codes with Audiostamp; everything is organized into visual marks and buttons.

Students can also share the important parts of their lectures via e-mail, WhatsApp or Skype. Audiostamp believes this app will save people much time and hassle.