The Antti Laitenen 'Deserted Island Raft' is the Single Man's Boat

When you want to get off the sofa and enjoy some time in water but don't want to engage in a tiring swim, the Antti Laitenen 'Deserted Island Raft' is what you need.

This boat is like a miniature island set to make you feel as if you're all alone with just a beautiful palm tree for company. It took three months to build and floats effectively. Of course, it may not be the best locomotive to use if actually stranded on a desert island but it is great to take pictures with! It has two oars and maneuvers just as a one-man boat would and will be sure to attract lots of attention while in the water. Make sure to take snacks and perhaps a beer, because this boat will definitely have you feeling lonesome and starved.