The Antidote Collective Gives the PR Industry a Conscience

Our world is driven by the mythmaking public relations industry that prevents us from distinguishing reality from simulation and the Antidote Collective are a group of communicators set on breaking the hyper-reality. In doing so, they are making a better world by providing a socially conscious sustainable approach to communication. The New York-based company was founded by Scott Tillit.

Tillitt has over fifteen years of experience in the communication industry and after years being a cog in the choose to create collective choosing unlike most traditional agencies to, "promote people and planet over profit."

The Antidote Collective clients are nonprofits, foundations, citizen groups, social entrepreneurs and thinkers. The company offers their cooperative hand in providing these varying groups a strategy in communicating their message and finding the right audiences. Some of their clients include the Brooklyn Public Library, Rainforest Action Network and ForestEthics.

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