The Dior Catalog an Exceptional Christmas Ads Are Fanciful

 - Dec 29, 2012
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The Dior Catalog An Exceptional Christmas campaign showcases model Nimue Smit in a series of exceptionally whimsical photos. Smit takes on the brand's penchant for Parisian flair with ease as she strutted through the ornate palace's groomed grounds, speaking to her now firmly established partnership with the couture label.

Photographer Koto Bolofo shot Smit for this Holiday 2012 special. Like many of a similar nature, the images are mystical and otherworldly, stemming in large part from the bold blue butterfly wings and the faux blooming flowers. Smit is also often found blurred, hiding her beneath the veneer of the fashionable tale that is reminiscent of folk tales and snapshots from the Sartorialist all at once.