The An Abrupt End Series Looks like Captures of Planets

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: thisiscolossal &
The An Abrupt End series reinterprets the idea of balloons and makes it into an explosive entity. Artist James Huse captures these balloons as if they were galactic phenomenons, making them appear like one of Earth's natural wonders rather than a synthetically made object.

Filling the balloons with milk may be the reason why the An Abrupt End images are so captivating. The effect is the captures look like they're in motion while actually being completely still.

A first glance may have you thinking the balloons are actually images of the moon or other planets taken from space, but An Abrupt End is really a genius experimentation on photographic imagery.

Implications - Products featuring an otherworldly aspect are appealing to those who want to experience something different. Consumers looking to be excited by their purchases are attracted to items with an unconventional aesthetic. Creating more of these designs could help a company attract a higher number of shoppers.