The agi&sam SS12 Collection is Inspired by Tabasco, Tequila and Tomatoes

 - Nov 11, 2011
References: agiandsam & stylebubble
Looking at the agi&sam SS12 catalog, it is easy to see the Mexican influence, not only in the photography, but the fashion designs as well. That's because these designs have been inspired by a special (and quite curious) Mexican shot made up of tequila, tabasco sauce and tomato juice. It is easy to pinpoint this influence in the vibrant red and orange palettes used and the funky patterns also allude to a rather drunken after effect as well.

Designed by Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton, the agi&sam SS12 collection is heavily print-based. Absolutely intoxicating, the agi&sam SS12 line is filled with funky plaids, faux wicker patterns and tapestry-like prints. In addition to the Mexican drink inspiration, this collection is also influenced by other Central American references such as the Day of the Dead.