Adblocking Hack Replaces Ads With Art

 - Jul 25, 2007
Artists Steve Lambert and Evan Harper are working on modifying the current Adblock Plus tool to replace all advertising on web browsers with original pieces of art. Addart will display pieces chosen by curators, and Lambert and Harper will be providing the software under open licences to enable other people to create their own versions. The original developer of Adblock Plus, Wladimir Palant from Norway stated “Replacing annoying and obtrusive ads with some eye candy, turning them into their exact opposite, is a consequent continuation of what Adblock started â€" making the Web endurable and enjoyable.” Personally I like the technology behind it, but I don't think this technology alone will stop advertising through the web and actually think that it is a nice opportunity for advertisers to start offering branded versions should users wish to participate.