Adam Harvey Designs Clothing Meant to Confuse Aerial Drones

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: ahprojects & dezeen
New York-based designer Adam Harvey has created a collection of clothing designed to protect people from aerial drones. The pieces don't redirect bullets or rockets, but they do mask the heat signature of the wearer. (Aerial drones can use thermal imaging to find targets.) The collection consists of three pieces, each one made with metallic fibers that reflect heat.

Harvey's collection features a full-body burqa, hijab and a half-hooded cape. It appears that the collection is inspired by Middle Eastern attire, which wouldn't be surprising given the fact that the majority of America's drones are patrolling the skies over there. That being said, it was recently reported that drones were being used in American airspace. Perhaps Adam Harvey's next anti-surveillance clothing line will feature skinny jeans and cardigans?