Fine Dining And Hotel Accomodations For Allergy-Afflicted Patrons

 - Mar 10, 2007
References: mycompass & theglobeandmail
In a world full of allergens from feathers to dust bunnies, finding comfortable lodging and fine dining experiences can be a real challenge for allergy sufferers and those with severely restricted diets. However, hotel proprietors and dining establishments, ever looking for ways to stay a step ahead of the competition, are doing a great job at accomodating and feeding even those with the most environmentally-challenged.

Establishments are now adding value to their pet and smoke-free suites by enhancing their services with everything from hypoallergencic (scent and dye-free) laundry detergents and linens, environmentally friendly pillows, removal of carpeting, use of natural cleaning supplies like baking soda and vinegar, and use of microfibre cloths for cleaning.

Their tables are graced with completely peanut and gluten-free menu choices, use of organic, natural, and non-dairy, non-animal ingredients and fully customizable servings.