Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream Fakes Flat Abs

 - Jun 5, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: groominglounge & uncrate
While it doesn’t promise a miracle, Sigma Skin Abdominal Toning Cream can help make a barely-there six-pack completely visible.

Priced at $56 its formula prevents fat deposits from localizing, thus reducing spare tires and waist size.

Sigma Skin claims that 86% of volunteers who used the cream for a month saw results of up to 1.8 inches off of their waist size.

Implications - Consumers are on the constant quest to get a quick fix for their physical insecurities. In a culture consumed with immediacy, convenience and the real-timing of social media, when consumers want something, they want it now. Businesses that can offer a product or service that shows results fast and effectively will be able to beat their competitors -- especially in the beauty industry.