Aaron Winnenberg Depicts Characters with Obscured Visages

 - Feb 26, 2012
References: aaronwinnenberg & robotmafia
The characters in these Aaron Winnenberg cartoons are highly evocative of Kenny from South Park. After all, what other kid do you know purposefully covers up their faces until only their eyes are visible?

Winnenberg’s doodles differ from the Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s creation however, in that Winnenberg finds inventive ways to constantly obscure his subject’s visage. Hoodies that zip up all the way to his characters’ nose are frequently used, but on odd occasions, Winnenberg introduces ski masks and bear costumes into the mix.

By covering up his characters’ faces, viewers are forced to focus on the intricate details Aaron Winnenberg puts into rendering the clothing. Knitted apparel seems to be Winnenberg’s specialty, and the designs he puts onto sweaters and caps are true to patterns you’d see on Canadian and American winter wear.