A Pantheon of Media Gods

 - Sep 5, 2008
References: design.jessierauch
Aphrodite Coulter, Oprah Hestia, Hermes Colbert. These are the names of some of the portraits in A Pantheon of Media Gods by Jessie Rauch.

Rauch describes the project as, "A series that transforms media celebrities into Greek Gods as metaphorical commentary on the power that individual pundits and journalists have in controlling access to information and in the shaping of public opinion."

For example, the caption of the O’Reilly Ares portrait says, ‘Hail to O’Reilly, father of the NO-SPIN ZONE. His Mighty power dares to challenge truth itself. He works with woe embitter human life."

Beyond being humorous and sarcastic, the series opens our eyes to the power these news and media personalities hold over a large number of people.