The 52 Weeks of Star Wars Project Mixes Some Cult Favorites

 - Jul 15, 2012
References: 365daysofclones & mashable
Reimagined into classic favorite movies, the 52 Weeks of Star Wars project by uber fan David Eger has brought Star Wars characters to life in ways never imagined before. Taking on the covers of the Beatles, Sound of Music, Back to the Future, the Mona Lisa, the Godfather, Forrest Gump, Pretty Woman, Obama’s ‘Hope’ Campaign, the Social Network and many, many more, the 52 weeks campaign looks to create a year's worth of pop culture jumbles.

David Eger has previously worked on 365 days of clones among other projects. The fantastically nerdy 52 Weeks of Star Wars project has definitely mixed some odd compilations that have turned out amazing and strangely fitting. Covering art, pop culture, cult classics and more, Eger has created an entirely new genre of pop culture mash-ups.