From Matrimony Crayon Carvings to Nebular Nuptial Bands

 - May 27, 2012
Nuptials, especially those today, are a wonderful playground for weird wedding accessories. Increasingly personable matrimonial events are taking over, and more wacky developments are emerging in this sphere as a result.

Often paired with an accompanying theme, these offbeat accessories make a huge statement about a couple. Tying the knot should be nothing if not fun, and its small details that create the overall feel of an event. Though many brides seek to show their style through the wedding dress, others may see it wise to integrate the mood through smaller aspects of their nuptials.

Using tiny details instead of large and flashy statements can provide a more subtle way for couples to express themselves. Allowing for tiny doses of personality, these quirky nuptial accessories add much-welcomed fun to weddings.