From Gameboy Tablet Covers to Bookworm Vintage Novel Covers

 - May 7, 2011
Keeping your tablet safe is a whole lot easier if you have one of these top-notch tablet covers. Tablet covers are easily confused with tablet cases, but the two are completely different from one another.

Covers are for more casual tablet users who live relatively safe lives. Cases are designed for heavy-duty protection and are perfect for spies and members of the military. Seeing as how most of the general population isn't a member of the military or a spy, that means that the only socially acceptable way to keep your tablet safe is to use a cover. These top-notch tablet covers are the best-of-the-best and are designed to make your tablet look like everything from a Gameboy to a vintage novel. Keep it casual and cover up your tablet with one of these top-notch tablet covers.