From Phone-Shaped Razors to Eco Gadgets

 - Jun 24, 2011
While I am not quite at the point of having to shave my face every morning, I can still appreciate all of the awesomeness found amongst all of these superb male shavers. Men and women both shave, but males have different needs from their razors then do women. These differences include a need to (occasionally) shave the back and need to shave on a moment's notice -- and sometimes five minutes before a job interview.

Rather than stuff a disposable razor into your briefcase, you should click through all of these superb male shavers. Many of these shavers are designed to be discrete, attaching onto cellphones or hiding in your wallet. Each of these razors gives a close shave as well, something that separates the disposable two-blade razors from the God-like five and six blade ones. Guys, this one is for you.