From Toy Tablet Protectors to Personified iPad Covers

 - May 17, 2012
iPads are not cheap, and because warranty can't always cover all your bases, it's best to invest in a cover to protect your tablet. Luckily, tech manufacturers have caught on to the need for these gadget bodyguards, and have developed some pretty crazy designs.

A perfect template for creativity, tablet covers have been a site for some hilarious, odd and multifunctional innovations. Some companies opt to offer buyers additional add-on features while others just want a good laugh. In any case, the wonderful creativity used in the making of these techcessories is warmly welcomed.

With the potential for mind-numbingly boring options, customers are happy to find a product that suits them and makes a charismatic statement. From hilarious to luxe and highly functional, these iPad covers protect your tablet with a healthy dose of style.