From Millennium Falcon Art to Spacecraft Play Forts

 - Mar 17, 2013
Since the first movie was released over 25 years ago, the Star Wars series has gathered many dedicated fans and if you want some proof, this list of Millennium Falcon art creations will certainly attest to peoples' love for the films of this space drama.

Ranging anywhere from nifty bottle openers, life-sized models and even toilet seat covers, Star Wars fans have come up with some pretty clever and creative ways to show their appreciation for the Millennium Falcon: the unforgettable hunk of junk space ship that Hans Solo cruises the galaxy in at break neck speeds.

With yet another Star Wars film on the horizon, I’m sure that these playful tributes to the iconic ship from the science fiction legacy George Lucas started back in 1977 are only the tip of the galactic-iceberg of what we can expect from these imaginative fans.