From Leather Lattice Chairs to Latticed Ceramics

 - Mar 4, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
Enhance the beauty of your pants, building or furniture with these lovely lattices. Lattices rule my home; seriously, they are everywhere.

And I couldn't care less! Our fences are latticed, our gates are latticed--we even managed somehow to get lattices on the roof! I have lattices on the brain, it seems. Get some of what I'm having today, with these lovely lattices.

Implications - If you've only got time to indulge in a few of these latticed finds, then I suggest the latticework tree light, which is a pole-like sculpture with latticed lights projected onto to it to emulate the look of tree branches. Another favorite of mine is the laser-cut leather pants, which feature a pattern also lattice-looking. I would totally date someone that wore a pair of these.